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Dj Double A

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Being born and raised in México for 8 years, Davie Josué Arreguín Alvarez also known as Dj Double A was introduced to a whole new country, new language, and a different way of living when he and his family moved to the United States. This made it very complicated for him. Due to the fact that he spoke no English at all, but with the help of friends, teachers, family members it made it a lot easier for him to get accustomed to the language and new way of living. However, after his long journey music remained a constant in his life. At the age of 12, Double A was first introduced to the party scene by two of his biggest influences Mc/Dj M1 & Dj Final (mobile and club djs), Now at the age of 19 Dj Double A has been specialized in mixing the best music of both worlds English and Spanish while rocking out at some of the hottest clubs, house parties, corporate events, high school events, weddings, sweet 16 & more.

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