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Nieman Marcus

rating: 3.6

Nieman dedicates his life to his dream of a career in music. Nieman began his rap career three years ago and went from making mixtapes at home to getting requests for shows around the LA area. His "Grams & Gucci Belts" series has garnered attention amongst underground hip hop fans and producers in LA. From Grams & Gucci Belts one to the third and current installment, Nieman has truly mastered his craft and grown as a person. His gritty yet clear voice helps deliver some of the most witty and original bars. He co-founded MOBLSG Records, which is an LLC company that includes 7 artists and a marketing and managing team. This is not just a "hobby" for him and he intends to make a huge change in the rap/hip hop industry. Follow @moblsg on instagram and twitter. Listen to Grams & Gucci Belts 3 on Watch a video of one of our shows at the Youtube Channel link above OfficialMOBLSGTV

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